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We were due to go to Morocco at the beginning of December (see the itinerary).  We took our first flight from Barcelona to Malaga in southern Spain, there to connect onto a Royal Air Maroc flight to Marrakesh.  The fates were not with us.  Upon arriving at Malaga we found that there were no Royal Air Maroc flights at all because the pilots were on strike. 


The Airline representative thought that they could get us to Casablanca on another airline but we had booked internal flights to Marrakesh and to Fez but there was nothing flying and everyone was scrambling to get on the trains.


There were no seats on any airline heading for Morocco that day so we decided to sleep on it and Royal Air Maroc put us up in a hotel for the night.


The next morning we packed and went back to the airport.  We gave up on Morocco because of the difficulty of traveling inside the country.  Now we had to see where else we could go for a week.


Malaga is the the airport city for that most famous English holiday destination - Torremelinos.  What was once a small, quaint fishing town on Spain's southern, Mediterranean coast, is now one of the few places in the world where you can drink Watney's Red Barrel, eat fish and chips that's almost as bad as the beer and have the Spaniards curse you in English.


Of course, the only destination available from Malaga (at a reasonable price) is Luton Airport in England.  So we spent six days in the "Morocco of the North" .  We drove around England a bit and  visited Mark's youngest brother, hence the pictures of his kids.


One of the other things we did on our special trip to "Morocco" was to visit Paris.



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