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August, 1999 we started an amazing journey.  First we put all of our things into storage, packed up the car and drove from Colorado to New York City.  In order to break up the long drive, we stopped at several amusement parks along the way.  We also spent a couple of days in Washington, DC.  Once we got to New York we saw some people finished plans for the trip. 

Our first flight was on September 1st, 1999.  Flying first class on a three class flight is wonderful.

We sent out postcards whenever we could.  They were scanned for us and sent by email to about one hundred people.  Have a look at the postcards we sent.  

We have lots of photographs here as well.  Go to the world map and select an area from there or take a look at our itinerary first. 

Have fun and send us email to let us know what you think of this site.


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